Other Stories

Going to Prison
Every second week I go to prison. Each time I enter the facility, I am free to walk back out of the gates…

A Great Fishing Trip
“…once we arrived at the lake we got serious about fishing.”

My Experience with CoSA
“I must admit that I was a bit skeptical when I first joined a CoSA wondering what good this would actually do in the life of someone who has just been released from prison…”

My Lessons from CoSA
“At first I was apprehensive of meeting three individuals I knew nothing about, at a place I had never been….”

A Poem from Behind Bars
“In the course of his young life, Jarrod has spent a total of seven years in prison, mostly for robbery offenses. His experience in the book club (offered by volunteers and writers) had a profound effect on him…”

A Hearing
The lead examiner questioned him in acute detail, pointing to and asking about the past, the present and the future…”

The Journey of a Feather
“On that day two men broke into Jo Oliver’s home and brutally assaulted her….”

One Woman’s Story about Surviving a Violent Crime
“About 29 years after the murder of Theodore Van Sluytman, Margot and the man who murdered her father, reconnect…”

My Fishing Trip with CoSA
Fishing with a group of men with CoSA…

There are People in My Life
“When I received my parole, they continued to visit me…”

Exiled in Canada: A Sex Offender Finds Refuge with Mennonites
:… people who helped him when no one else would — a group of Mennonites from Regina, Saskatchewan.”

One Friendship at a Time
He was trying to do better, to do things right, wanting to do what our society wants…

Stories from: The Center for Justice and Reconciliation
a program of Prison Fellowship International

Seating Arrangements
“The offender was awaiting our arrival in a hallway outside the room where we would be meeting…”
(Source: 2016 Correctional Service of Canada Restorative Justice Kit, 2016 Restorative Justice Week)