We need YOUR help to prevent sexual victimizations in our communities.

At the end of March, Federal funding for Circles of Support and Accountability (CoSA) comes to a close.

CoSA Canada will complete a five-year Public Safety Demonstration project in March 2022. This funding has enabled CoSA to develop a national office, strengthen its network of 15 local sites (including Micah Mission) serving 18 Canadian cities and establish itself as a key criminal justice partner both nationally and internationally. But unless funding beyond March 2022 is secured, 25% of the 15 sites risk closure and the remaining sites face a reduction in programming. Approximately 100 individuals would no longer be able to receive our services.  CoSA’s impact and sustainability are on the line.

CoSA South Saskatchewan, Micah Mission, and Parkland Restorative Justice are working together with CoSA Canada to mobilize a letter writing campaign advocating for the importance of funding CoSA.

What is CoSA?

Circles of Support & Accountability (CoSA) is a community-based reintegration program for individuals, called core members, who have been incarcerated for sexual offences and are being released into the community.

The CoSA mission is to substantially reduce the risk of future sexual victimization by assisting and supporting released individuals in their task of integrating into the community and leading a responsible, meaningful, and accountable life. 


CoSA & Community Safety

CoSA recognizes the impacts of sexual crimes on survivors and the larger community, enabling the community to take an active role in healing and the prevention of further harm. CoSA site staff and trained volunteers assist core members to:

  • Understand the impacts of their choices.
  • Take responsibility for past and future behaviours.
  • Manage personal risk factors and adhere to release conditions.
  • Develop new life skills and self-understanding.
  • Better understand the experiences and needs of survivors of sexual harm.
  • Connect to community resources, and live a safe & engaged life.

CoSA in Saskatchewan

There are 15 CoSA sites in Canada, three of which are located in Saskatchewan: CoSA South Saskatchewan (Regina), Micah Mission (Saskatoon), and Parkland Restorative Justice (Prince Albert). Since the first Saskatchewan-based CoSA in 1997, 131 core members have participated in CoSA. Currently 30 core members are being supported in the province by CoSA site staff and 70 dedicated volunteers.


Get Involved!

  1. Send a letter to your Member of Parliament asking them to support CoSA Canada in the upcoming federal budget. You can sign, email/print this letter.
  2. Send a personalized letter of support to our office: dave@themicahmission.org.
  3. Volunteer to take part in our funding campaign. For more information email dave@themicahmission.org or phone 306.653.3099.
  4. Donate! Micah Mission is looking to raise $50,000 to supplement federal funding to continue to provide CoSA programming.

Learn More:

  1. Visit the CoSA Canada website.
  2. Learn about CoSA in Saskatoon.
  3. Bill C228: An act to establish a federal framework to reduce recidivism.
  4. Read what researchers and academics have to say.
  5. Hear from a Victim’s Advocate.
  6. Connect with us on Facebook.

Together WE can make our communities safer!