Restorative Justice is what lies behind all of our programs. 

Micah works to give concrete expression to restorative justice.  Our work is primarily focused on individuals who are incarcerated and those who are seeking to integrate into our community after spending time in prison.

Through education and action we help those who have been impacted by crime. Depending on the situation, we may work separately or in partnership with the retributive justice system.

In our work we…

  • visit people who are in prison
  • assist people who have been released from prison
  • support survivors of violent crime
  • teach others about restorative justice
  • make connections between faith communities and people leaving prison

Our Programs:

Person to Person (P2P): Volunteers visit prisoners at the Regional Psychiatric Centre (RPC) in Saskatoon.
Circles of Support and Accountability (CoSA):  Volunteers meet regularly, in a group setting, with formerly incarcerated men who have offended sexually.
Forward Step
Volunteers facilitate a course on restorative justice for inmates at the Saskatoon Correctional Centre.
Micah on Campus
Students from the University of Saskatchewan learn about and participate in our restorative justice programs.
Community Chaplaincy
Staff find support within ‘faith communities’ for persons who have been incarcerated and are seeking to reintegrate back into society.
Community Education
Staff and volunteers hold information workshops and conferences on restorative justice issues.