In our work to promote Restorative Justice, we are present to two realities:

first — love, more than any other virtue, is the motive and agent for growth in people’s lives, and
second — the single most absent reality in the criminal justice system is love.

Through education and action we do what we can to help those who have been impacted by crime.

We see offenders and survivors as wounded people,
and we reach out to involve those hurting people in strong healthy relationships that offer hope.

Friendship is a the heart of our response..





We work with individuals who are in prison and those who have been released from prison.

We work with individuals and families who have been hurt by a violent crime.

We inform others about restorative justice.


  • We desire to model the possibility of new beginnings through the support, friendship and unconditional love of authentic community.
  • In our attitudes, our relationships and our actions, we seek to treat all people with the love, respect and compassion that comes out of their identity as infinitely valued creations of a loving God.
  • As followers of Christ, we serve in His name and seek to model our faith before others.
  • We want to be honest and transparent about our faith and our values, neither wishing to hide this from others, nor wishing to impose this upon others.
  • We want to avoid the professionalization of our justice-building efforts; we see great value in engaging ordinary, common folk in the task of creating communities of hope, of safety, and of reconciliation.


Volunteers from our churches and communities are critical
to the success and long-term goals of the justice work to which we are committed.

“CoSA means everything to me.
Our get-togethers keep me going.”

….  from a released offender

“For these people to come in here and visit us in prison,
it is a big gift – a little piece of heaven.”

… from a prisoner

“There are things that happen in the meetings every week that produce some intangible yet very real relational effects.”

….  from a volunteer